• August 14th 2014 all interest in United Medical Systems (DE), Inc. and thus essentially all the assets were sold. Since consummation of the sale November 11th 2014 the purpose of the Company is to manage its own assets.

Realignement and Optimization (2007 - 2014)

  • Acquisitions for the expansion of the Urology Segment in north-eastern U.S. (2007)
  • Market introduction of urological laser treatment in Chile (2007) and Ecuador (2008)
  • Launch of mobilie Brachytherapy in the U.S. (2008)
  • Divested interest in Andover Surgical Center (MA), USA
  • Acquisitions to Expand breast-biopsy businees in U.S. States California (2009), Texas (2010) and along the U.S. east coast (2011)
  • Agreement with IceCure Medical Ltd., Isreael, for the mobile deployment of IceCure's medical product IceSense3 for cryoablation

Focus on Growth Markets (2004 - 2006)

  • Divested Italian operations (2004)
  • Divested PET Scans to Alliance Imaging (2005)
  • Divested MRI Ireland (2005)
  • Expanded into South America with UMS Chile (2005)
  • Divested all remaining European operations (2006)

Initial Growth (1996 - 2003)

  • 1996 Formation of UMS Holding, subsequent international expansion
  • Extension of business into the U.S., the U.K., Italy and the Netherlands
  • IPO of UMS AG (2000)
  • Investment in MRI Ireland and acquisition of Neuromed AG, Germany
  • Investment in PET Scans (2001-2002) and acquisition of Alliance Imaging lithotripsy business
  • Started radiology business in the USA (2003)